Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage

Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage

We shall overcome,
We shall overcome,
We shall overcome some day
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe
We shall overcome some day.

Alabama has many sacred spaces, places that are often connected with the civil rights movement. For Episcopalians in Alabama, perhaps the most significant is at Hayneville in Lowndes County, where Episcopal seminarian Jonathan Daniels was martyred in August of 1965. The Jonathan Daniels pilgrimage has become a fixture for many and a reminder that the equality for which he gave his life is a continuing sacrifice. There is something profoundly moving about going back to a sacred place and remembering, that enables the pilgrim to resolve, to repent, and to carry on the work of building the beloved community. In 2024 we will return again to Hayneville and remember Jonathan, one of only two American martyrs commemorated by a monument at Canterbury Cathedral in England. The other is Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage Experience

Please plan to join us on Saturday, August 10, 2024, for the 27th Annual Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage. We will gather in the courthouse square in Hayneville, Alabama, and begin our pilgrimage procession at 11 am. The procession will travel from the square to the old County Jail where Daniels was among those detained for a week after being arrested in Fort Deposit for picketing white-only businesses. The procession continues to the site of the old Varner’s Cash Store, where Daniels was killed. The procession ends in the Lowndes County Courthouse, where a service of Holy Communion will be celebrated in the courtroom where the man who shot Daniels had been tried and acquitted by an all-white jury.

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During the service we also recognize the other 14 martyrs who lost their lives in Alabama during the civil rights movement:

Elmore Bolling,

December 4, 1947, martyred in Lowndesboro, AL

Willie Edwards, Jr.

January 23, 1957, martyred in Montgomery, AL

William Lewis Moore

April 23, 1963, martyred in Attalla, AL

Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, Cynthia Wesley

September 15, 1963, martyred in Birmingham, AL

Virgil Lamar Ware

September 15, l963, martyred in Birmingham, AL

Johnny Robinson

September 15, 1963, martyred in Birmingham, AL

Jimmie Lee Jackson

February 26, 1965, martyred in Marion, AL

Viola Greg Liuzzo

March 25, 1965, martyred near Lowndesboro, AL

The Rev. James Reeb

September 11, 1965, martyred in Selma, AL

Willie Brewster,

September 18, l965, martyred in Anniston, AL

Samuel Leamon Younge, Jr

January 3, 1966, martyred in Tuskegee, AL

and those known only to God.

Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage
The Jonathan Daniels Youth Pilgrimage is a weekend of service and remembrance for youth grades 9th-12th grade. The youth event will take place August 9-11, 2024.
For more information about the Jonathan Daniels Pilgrimage and the youth pilgrimage please contact Breanna Carter, Missioner for Racial Healing and Pilgrimage,