Youth Ministry

Youth Ministries

Enhancing faith formation

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Our Mission:
To grow as disciples and serve as apostles by exploring and sharing our faith through worship, fellowship, and love.

Welcome! Our diocesan youth ministry program is designed to enhance the faith formation of our youth by broadening their spiritual development through a variety of youth events, including weekend retreats throughout the program year and opportunities for camp and service-learning during the summer. Through peer ministry, our youth serve as the face of Jesus for each other, live into servant ministry, strengthen their faith, build Christ-centered relationships, and become empowered in the leadership of our Church. The diocese also provides enrichment for youth workers and volunteers by offering opportunities for networking, professional development, spiritual formation, and resources for our Diocesan Youth Ministers (DYM) through regular DYM meetings, as well as coaching and consulting for individual parishes.
Youth Ministry

Youth ministry in our diocese
is vibrant and strong.

The programs at local parishes contribute to the strength of youth ministry, and our diocesan opportunities also enhance the Christian formation of our youth. We depend on the dedicated involvement of youth ministers, as well as clergy, musicians, and numerous other volunteers, in order to be able to provide such a thriving diocesan youth ministry.

To receive information about youth ministry in the diocese, please email Jen Manning, Missioner of Youth, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries at
Youth Ministry

Safeguarding God’s Children

All youth workers and volunteers must complete training for Safeguarding God’s Children. These forms need to be printed and completed by each individual. Please read these forms carefully as you complete them. The background check form and the safeguarding online training registration form need to be sent to the diocese. Mailing instructions are included in these forms. All other forms need to be submitted to the parish administrator to be retained permanently in the parish files. Safeguarding God’s Children

The Youth Department

The Youth Department is a group of twelve youth (10th-12th grade students) elected by their peers to represent the Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) in the Diocese of Alabama. They meet monthly to plan and host events for the diocesan youth community, and represent them at Diocesan Council meetings as well as the annual Diocesan Convention. They are guided by six adult advisors, the diocesan Missioner for Youth, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries, and two spiritual directors.

  • Interested in serving in the Youth Department?

    Eligible candidates for Youth Department are:

    • 10th – 12th graders (during their term on the Youth Department)
    • Confirmed Episcopalians (or going to be confirmed within the year)
    • Residents in the Diocese of Alabama (at-large members) or within the district in which they are running to represent
    • Able to fulfill the duties of attending convention, each of the monthly YD meetings, special events hosted by YD, their respective district meetings, and are active in their local EYC

    The YD is elected by those present at our annual EYC Convention, which is held concurrently with our Diocesan Convention.

    For more information about Youth Ministry in the Diocese, please contact Jen Manning, Missioner for Youth, Campus, and Young Adult Ministries, 256-655-5460,