Racial Healing 7

“The pilgrimage was a very moving experience for my wife and me. I will encourage more people in my parish to attend in the future. The voting rights that Jonathan Daniels worked to see were exercised are in jeopardy now and require work to preserve and expand them again.”… Read More

Racial Healing 6

“I enjoyed meeting new people both in my Diocese and from the Diocese of Maine. Relating experiences from the point of view of persons from a northern state with that of people from the Deep South was enlightening. We found commonality in our sacred responsibility to see everyone as a… Read More

Racial Healing 5

“That it is a profoundly eye-opening experience. No matter how informed you think might be about race and class relations, you will learn things that will surprise and shock you. You will have a better understanding of what it is like to be in the shoes of others in way… Read More

Racial Healing 4

“I really appreciated their approach and sensitivity. It was very helpful to acknowledge that each of us becomes who we are through experiences that shape our views and the messages we receive over our lifetime. I think it helps remove the sense of guilt so often referred to in these… Read More

Racial Healing 3

“I appreciated that the facilitators were able to get the group to ‘dig deep’ with such care and empathy while also not sacrificing the intent of the event to challenge our thinking and beliefs around race relations and identity.”… Read More

Racial Healing 2

“My favorite thing about Sawyerville is the way the space is a safe place. Sawyerville allows anyone across the state of Alabama to participate in a camp that’s all for the kids and uplifting of God’s work!”… Read More

Camp McDowell 7

“I love that it is an inclusive environment welcoming of people of all walks of life, abilities, socioeconomic status, race, gender, sexual identity, etc. When you are at Camp, everyone is equal.”… Read More

Camp McDowell 6

“I have known of Camp McDowell for a long time. As a former chaplain at Sewanee, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know MANY students who grew up at camp and they were among the brightest and best to enroll in the University. McDowell played a major role in… Read More

Camp McDowell 5

“I really like the counselors, pool, rec, pasture parties, how everyone is accepting, how you always feel included, and every time you go to camp you’re bound to have the most fun!”… Read More